6 Tourist Spots in Mandalika You Must Visit

A road trip around Lombok can be an interesting vacation idea that you can try with friends or family. If you want a different holiday experience, try exploring Mandalika. Mandalika is one of the super priority tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Located in the south of Lombok, Mandalika has a beauty that will surely amaze you. Famous for its natural beauty that is still beautiful, this tourist area is indeed home to unspoiled natural wonders. Starting from beautiful beaches, to stunning green hills overlooking the sea. Take a peek at the information below to find out the interesting spots in Mandalika.

  • Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mandalika. This beach is surrounded by hills so that you can enjoy the beauty of the beach from a height. This nature tour is also suitable to be used as a place for watersports such as banana boating or paddleboarding. In addition, you can also learn to surf here. Once satisfied playing in the water, you can play on the clean white sand. One way to enjoy Tanjung Aan Beach is to lie under a thatched umbrella that you can find around the coast.

  • Merese Hill

Just behind Tanjung Aan, there is Merese Hill which is quite popular among tourists. This hill is not too high, so you can reach the top in a short time. Merese Hill will change color, yellowish or green, depending on the season. During the dry season, the expanse of the hill will turn yellow, while Merese Hill will be a beautiful green color during the rainy season.

The activity that you must do while in Bukit Merese is to take selfies at beautiful spots around you. You can also enjoy the view of Tanjung Aan Beach from the top of the hill. The sunset view from this hill will give you a different experience. You can even go camping when you stop by Bukit Merese.

  • Prabu Bangkang Cave

While in Mandalika, you can visit Prabu Bangkang Cave. From inside the cave, you will see the light that illuminates the inner cave very beautifully. You will get Instagrammable photos here.

  • Kotak Cave

The Kotak Cave has a width of about 3 meters and a passage length of about 6 meters. This cave is like a magic passage because you can see a beautiful sea view. Although it looks more like a passageway than a cave, this Kotak Cave is still one of the best spots to enjoy sea and white sand views. From inside the cave, you will see fossil shells on the cave walls. Reportedly, the hills of the Kotak Cave used to be below sea level.

  • Sade Village

Sade Village is a cultural tourism destination that you must visit while in Mandalika. Here, you can see the unique traditional house buildings of Lombok, which are still occupied by the Sasak tribe. When you arrive here, you will be warmly welcomed by residents who are ready to guide you. They will be happy to guide tourists to get to know Sade Village more closely. Interestingly, the residents of this village still adhere to all their tribal traditions, such as weaving.

You will be invited to explore the traditional houses in this village. The unique thing about the house in Sade Village is that the floor is made of buffalo dung mixed with soil and straw. Sade Village is located in Central Lombok, on the road to Kuta Beach, Lombok. So you will find it easy. You can use a rental car, so you are satisfied exploring the next cultural tourist destination.

  • Seger Beach

Seger Beach is located in the Sukadana Village area, Pujut District. This beach has a unique natural structure and is very beautiful. You can see the beauty of clusters of hills, beaches with white sand, and waves that are the favorites of surfers. You can also enjoy the Bau Nyale Festival, usually held from February to March on the 20th day of the 10th month in the traditional Sasak calendar.

The Sasak people consider nyale to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika, who sacrificed herself by jumping into the sea to avoid the trigger of war when she married one of the kings and princes who would ask for her hand.

Before you plan a trip to Mandalika, be sure to read more about Mandalika and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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