Nursing 5 months

Why are my nipples sore after months of pain-free nursing?
July 1, 2015 – 11:44 am

Nursing 5 months ago Bahala Na Nurse Blog

Sometimes a mom will get sore nipples after weeks or months with no problems. Following are six potential causes, plus some troubleshooting tips.



Mastitis or a plugged duct or a milk blister is a possibility, particularly if only one breast/nipple or area of the breast is sore. It’s unusual to have mastitis, plugged duct, or a milk blister on both sides at once.

Hormonal changes

Are you ovulating or about to get your period? The hormonal changes at these times can cause sore nipples for a few days. Typically, both sides will be sore. Many moms of older babies are more bothered with latch on during these times, and it may feel as if baby is clamping down or scraping his teeth on the nipple, even though he doesn’t seem to have changed his latch. Mom may also feel generally uncomfortable and even irritated with nursing. Some moms get relief from the soreness by taking evening primrose oil or a calcium/magnesium supplement.


Has your baby been pulling on the nipple, biting, scraping teeth or leaving tooth indentations or practicing creative nursing positions? Any type of nipple trauma can cause soreness, and soreness may be on one or both sides.

Skin irritation

Is baby teething? Many times moms experience nipple irritation as a result of teething. The increased saliva and the enzymes in it can irritate nipples. This can be lessened by rinsing the baby’s saliva off the nipples after the feeding. With teething, both sides would typically be sore.

Are you prone to getting eczema or psoriasis? Either can cause nipple soreness.

Are you using a new soap, laundry detergent, nipple ointment/cream, skin lotion, shampoo, powder, hair spray, perfume or deodorant? An allergic reaction to any of these might cause sore nipples.

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