Nursing Brain

How To Make Your Nursing Brain Book
January 18, 2023 – 05:42 am

Punch List # 1 | Generic Index Card Binder | 4" x 6"
Punch List # 2 | Oxford® Index Card Guides | 4" x 6"

Punch List # 3 | Oxford® Index Cards | 4" x 6" | White Ruled
Punch List # 4 | Generic Single Hole Punch | For Card Guides

My brain book contains...
1. Commonly used medications on my unit (given by charge nurse)
2. Common laboratory and blood work tests (CBC | BMP | CMP)
3. Hemodynamics and vital signs normal ranges (CVP | PAP | SVR)
4. Common oral intake products & their milliliters (8 oz milk | 4 oz juice)
5. Different oxygen options & oxygen percentages (aerosol | venturi | bipap)
6. Nasal cannula liters vs. percentages (1 liter = 24% | 2 liters = 28%)
7. IV medication push times (lasix = 1-2 minutes | zofran = 2-5 minutes)

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