Nursing 5 Year Career Plan

5 Career Success Tips for Registered Nurses
October 28, 2023 – 05:33 am

CareerExperienceRegistered Nursing is one of the most flexible professions that a person can enter into. Within the same hospital, a nurse can switch job roles and feel like they are a world away from their previous job. For example, a bedside nurse can switch roles by working as a Nurse Informaticist (with the appropriate training and education) who does not perform patient care. Registered Nurses (RNs) may have the option of working from home such as a health coach for a insurance company. Also, they have the opportunity to travel the world as a Travel Nurse.

selfreflection477While Registered Nursing is synonymous with career options, most job options are only available to nurses that have traditional career experience in a patient care setting. For example, it is highly unlikely that a nurse without patient care experience will be hired as a health coach. Also, most travel nurse positions require a minimum of one-two years’ experience. The career experiences and the education that a nurse pursues should be directly reflective of their career goals.

However, there are several general recommendations that may help nurses down the path to career success:

#1 Career Experience

Obtain at least 3-5 years of patient care experience. Some jobs may require more. However, this time-range lets potential employers know that the nurse has some valuable experience and is not a newbie. The specialty that a nurse works in should be beneficial to their long term goals. For example, if a nurse’s primary career goal is to be a travel nurse, then working as a float nurse would help to support their overall goal.

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Interesting facts

Clark's Rule is a medical term referring to a mathematical formula used to calculate the proper dosage of medicine for children aged 2-17. The procedure is to take the child's weight in pounds, divide by 150 lb, and multiply the fractional result by the adult dose to find the equivalent child dosage.
For example: If an adult dose of medication...

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Popular Q&A
What will be the nurse salary in 5years?

Currently the starting salary for a full time 37.5hour/week newly qualified nurse in the nhs is £20710 which rises to £21176 as of April 2010.
Further increases in pay rates are unknown at this time April 2009.
Assuming an increase of 1.5% each year then in five years time ie April 2014 the salary would be £22475 but this is pure speculation!

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