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Georgetown ePortfolio Initiative
January 14, 2015 – 08:18 am

E-portfolios from a nursing Presentation E-PORTFOLIO WORKSHOP SOCIAL CARE. WELCOME This is an

An ePortfolio is a digital archive that represents student work over time through a broad range of artifacts.

An ePortfolio might include submitted course papers and projects in a variety of formats, works-in-progress, independent research, reflections on assignments, learning goals, ideas for future scholarship, and links to relevant resources. An ePortfolio can function as a C.V. to share with prospective employers, a venue for sharing academic work with family and friends, a tool for inviting collaboration and feedback, or a private log of academic progress.

Traditionally, ePortfolios have been adopted in teaching and learning to provide a space for students to collect their work and reflect on the connections visible to them. At their most basic, students might use an ePortfolio as a basic curriculum vitae, but an ePortfolio reaches its potential when used to build complex, detailed reflections on scholarly achievements and goals. This reflection can take place textually, visually, or multimodally.

What is the purpose and value of an ePortfolio?

Not only do ePortfolios serve a practical purpose by allowing students to collect, archive, and publish their work, they also help students to draw connections among different projects and to integrate topics and themes across disciplines and semesters. In selecting and organizing work to include in an ePortfolio, students are encouraged to envision the “big picture” of their academic journeys and to reflect on their overall goals and accomplishments. ePortfolios serve both a personal and a public function, helping students to synthesize work for themselves and allowing them to share that work with others.

Additionally, ePortfolios can benefit the university by allowing faculty and administrators to track student progress over time, both individually and collectively.

Reflective lifelong learning is at the core of Georgetown University’s mission. The University’s founding principle to promote intellectual, ethical, and spiritual understanding has been a constant through our changing times. As our enduring values continue to shape each generation of graduates, we strive to improve the environments that help our students become thoughtful, socially-conscious learners who are responsible stewards of their education.

Interesting facts
Dr. Charles E. Brimm Medical Arts High School (Brimm Medical Arts for short) is a four-year magnet public high school with a "break the mold" vision focused directly on medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health professions and other ancillary health care areas. This school serves students in ninth through twelfth grades from Camden in Camden...
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Popular Q&A
What are the benefits of nursing?

1. You know exactly what to do if your with friends and something goes wrong. (someone gets injured)
2. You have a steady income
3. If your husband loses his job, or gets injured, you have a great backup job.
4. You're helping so many people.
5. Nurses are wanted so it's not hard finding a job.
6. School is not that hard - you do alot of practice work in the hospital which makes time fly by.

What are nurse's fringe benefits?

Nurses can sometimes have very intense work schedules, 3 days on, 4 days off. Some people enjoy the benefit of having 4 straight days off work.
1. Job stability
2. Many unique types of positions available for RN's
3. Ability to travel
4. Ability to work 10 or 12 hours shifts, 3-4 day work weeks.
5. Sick and Vacation leave
6. Contributions to retirement plans
7. Health Insurance benefits.

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