Nursing t Shirts Design Contest

Design Custom Nurse Tee Shirts Online
December 26, 2022 – 11:51 am

It's Easy & Fun to Design Your Personalized T-Shirts Online

Design Your Own T-Shirts for Nurses and Nursing Staff

Need to outfit nurses at your hospital ICU, ER, or nursing school/facility with custom t-shirts & apparel? CustomInk allows you to custom design your shirts exactly how you'd like in our online design lab. Whether the shirts are for an upcoming event or on the job, there's tens-of-thousands of images to choose from, along with hundreds of fonts to make your design perfect. Or upload your own logo or graphics file with just a few clicks of the mouse. Need help with sizing or your design? Our friendly & knowledgeable Sales/Service team is available 7 days a week via phone, email, and chat. And one of the best perks of all: Free Shipping is standard with a guaranteed 14 day or less turnaround, meaning you'll have your nurse tee shirts in no time.

It's Easy & Fun to Design Online!

In the CustomInk Design Lab anyone can do it!

  • Create and share designs
  • Enjoy exclusive art & fonts
  • Upload your own artwork & photos
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Interesting facts

Established in 1923 in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S., Yale School of Nursing (YSN) has become a leading school of nursing in the United States with a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and clinical practice. The school is ranked in the top ten graduate schools of nursing in the United States by U.S. News and World Report and among...

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Dansko Footwear Dansko Women's Professional Mule, Lightning Patent, 37 EU/6.5-7 M US
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Natural Uniforms - Women's Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs 8 B(m) US Black
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Natural Uniform Comfortable Lightweight Nurse Nursing Slip Clogs Black 8
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Women's Fun Design, Lightweight & Comfortable Nurse Clogs Plus A FREE "SHOP USA" Brand Eyemask (RUNS BIG)(Paisley) 11
  • Fun And Different Designs Will Make Your Job So Much More Exciting
  • Perfect For Doctors, Nurses Or Anyone Looking For The Perfect Working Clog
  • Lightweight And Comfortably Padded
  • Easy Care
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