Nursing 8 Week old

It doesn't take “guts” to “sleep-train” an 8-week-old
January 23, 2016 – 12:10 am

Should I wake my baby to nurse Should I wake my baby to nurse during the night?

The staff at Regents Heights Nursing Home is tired. This is particularly true for those who work the overnight shift. The elderly residents keep buzzing for their attention. One resident is thirsty. One is lonely. One senile elderly woman just wants someone to hold her hand while she cries. The bald and blind 90-year-old man at the end of the hallway consistently needs help going pee. It’s beyond annoying. The staff is tired. They can’t get a break.

Imagine their relief when care protocols suddenly change. As mandated by management, a radical reordering of care strategies is to take effect immediately. The staff no longer will spend their time relentlessly responding to the midnight “superfluous needs” of residents. No longer will they be “manipulated” by a 3am cry for attention. Why? A new geriatrician has written a book inspiring waves of reform across the country with regard to the care of America’s elderly.

According to Dr. Edwin Beely, author of “Caring for The Aged, ” all of an elderly person’s needs can be adequately met in daylight hours. Care during the evening/nighttime hours is optional. In fact, it’s to everyone’s benefit that it be discontinued.

The evening staff is now advised to do the following. Make sure each elderly resident is placed in a properly sized, crib-like bed that ensures no one can move around at night on his or her own. Dress each resident in an adult diaper should they need to urinate or defecate. Properly feed and hydrate each resident by 7pm. Say a polite and firm “Good night.” Promptly turn off all room lights by 7:30pm.

Unless a resident is actually ill, the staff at Regents Nursing Home is to ignore every buzz, every cry for help, and every call for attention between 7pm and 7am. After all, the residents aren’t really hungry during these hours. Physiologically, they safely can wait to hydrate when the lights come back on. The residents need their sleep, a solid 12 hours. In fact, they must learn to sleep.

The overnight staff is strictly advised to do nothing. They can now, finally, rest.

Fiction or Real Life?

The preceding account is fictional.

There is no Regents Heights Nursing Home. Dr. Edwin Beely doesn’t exist. “Caring for the Aged” is not a real book. Certainly, any geriatrician who publically advocated the above “advice” would lose her or his medical license. We can rest assured that the most vulnerable amongst us are not routinely or purposefully ignored for 12-hour shifts. We can rest assured that they are treated with basic dignity.

Or are they?

Molloy was told not to feed, change, or touch her daughter as part of the training. The lights should be turned off and all cries for attention should be ignored. Molloy should shut the door to her daughter’s nursery and not open it again for a full 12-hours. Like the elderly residents in the Regents Heights Nursing Home, this little 8-week-old girl must learn to sleep.

Interesting facts
The Manila Central University College of Nursing, popularly known as "MCU Nursing", is the nursing school of the Manila Central University which is a private, non-sectarian educational institution.
In June 1947, the permit to open the first year of the four-year course of the College of Nursing, was granted by the Bureau of Private Schools...
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How Long Should an 8 Week Old Nurse For?

I was always worried about this with my kids. I too was hyperlactive, and both were on maybe 7 minutes, and also like you just one side. My ped said as long as they are gaining weight and seem satisfied no need to worry. In my case my let down was very fast and plenty. They didn't need to stay on that long.

I should note tho' that with my first he did not stay on long enough to reach the hindmilk. I had a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance for awhile and it did cause him to have some diaper issues and also issues with not being satisfied. For the first 2-3 months I had to block feed him! I no…

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