NursingCAS FAQ

March 15, 2024 – 08:58 am


- I have submitted my application, is there anything that I can edit now that its been submitted? Below is a list of items that you can edit after your application has been submitted.
Personal Information

  • Contact Information: address information
  • Infractions if the prior selection was "No"

Academic History

  • High School attended
  • College Attended: Add new colleges and degrees, edits to "In Progress" colleges
  • Transcript Entry: New coursework for any new colleges, new terms for any colleges, edits to planned/in progress coursework

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Supporting Information

  • Test scores: Add new test scores, edit planned tests
  • Evaluations/References: add new if max not reached, edit to existing if evaluation has not been received
  • Achievements, Licenses, Experiences

Program Materials

  • If a new program is selected by the applicant, all sections for that program are editable.

- My transcripts haven't arrived yet and were sent a few weeks ago. My deadline is approaching, is there anything I can do?
- One of my Transcripts' status still says "not received".
NursingCAS will continue to process any transcripts that come in and will make them available to your designated programs. So as long as you have submitted your application by their deadline then your transcripts with your final grades will be available to their admissions/nursing staff as soon as they are processed. You are able to review the status of your application by going to Manage My Programs and then to Program Status on your application.
If you have questions about the program specifically and how they review transcripts, we recommend reaching out directly to the school.- I think the school I had it sent from did not include the CAS ID number. Is there anything I can do at this point? If the CAS ID number wasn't on the transcript, will that affect it being received?
I have just realized that I did not have my official transcript from my school sent with the correct NursingCAS form attached. Is the fastest way to correct this to have the school send another official transcript with the form attached this time?

NursingCAS will be able to match your transcripts to your application based on your name. Having the CAS ID attached only helps expedite the process, but is not required. We’ll still be able to match your transcripts with your application, but it may take longer. No need to request your school submit additional transcripts.

- My transcripts are posted on my 2.0 account but not my 3.0 account. Is there a way to have them connected?

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