Can You Grow a Potted Plant By Planting It Outside?

            There are no specific rules to determine whether a plant belongs outdoors or indoors. However, people will usually put larger size plants outdoors. Outdoor plants tend to survive well in various temperatures and lighting. These outdoor greeneries can be placed as decorations and adding color and ambiance to your outdoor areas. Although, not everyone has a large outdoor space. Some may have a larger size outdoors. Some may have smaller size ones.

Another thing to take into consideration is how much sunlight your outdoors can get. Is it mostly shady for most of the day, or is it bright and all-sun all the time? Is it sunny in the morning, or is it only blazing hot at noon? Find out the tips for planting them below in this article.

How to grow the potted plant outside

            To grow the potted plant outside your house, you should prepare the right ones according to your outdoor surroundings. If the plant needs full sunlight, it requires to bathe under the sun for six or more hours per day. Part sun or partly shaded means it should have half than the full sunlight, about 3 or 4 hours. Plants that need part sunlight or partly shaded means they’re not going to bloom well under the blazing sun during noon. Especially when your greens are still in seedlings, make sure to take extra care of them to germinate successfully. If you have trouble germinating the seeds, you can also buy them already potted and planted ones with plant delivery Singapore. They can be delivered right to your home so you can start growing them more easily and taking care of them without having to worry whether the seeds will germinate or not.

            When planting these greens in containers, you should also pay attention to the weather outside. Take note of the container size you have to prepare. Plants in a large container can hold more soil and make moist stays longer and resist rapid temperature changes, making it easier to cultivate them in large containers rather than small ones. Small baskets and containers can dry easier. Thus you have to water them twice to keep them moist and thrive well. Your container should also have good drainage holes so your soil wouldn’t be waterlogged, making your plant die.

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            Talking about soil, the ones mostly used for potted plants are a combination of pine bark, perlite, vermiculite, and peat moss. They are sterilized soils so there won’t be any microorganisms that will cause plant diseases. Soils in potted plants aren’t soils because there are no humus and minerals in them. Besides soils, you should also feed your plants some liquid fertilizer to let them thrive every week or two.

            Planting greeneries can give you good vibes around the house, be it indoor or outdoor. They can also give you many benefits, for example, for stress relief, providing a positive way for people so they can channel their stress to nurturing. They can even act as an air purifier to reduce pollutants around your house. Either for yourselves or your beloved ones, you can grab them with a gift Singapore to have them delivered right away to your desired location.

            If you are considering planting these potted plants outside, you may wonder which kind of plant that will thrive outside your house. Below we will take you through the list, from flowers to fruits and even herbs that can bloom well outside.

  1. Daffodils

            Daffodils can grow well in containers and can live up to three years, depending on your pot. You should make it deep enough for the roots to fill out, at least eight to twelve inches in diameter and eight inches deep. They thrive best in full sunlight but can also endure partial sunlight or shade.

  1. Hydrangeas

            Hydrangeas need three basic things to thrive in a pot; soils with good drainage, lots of moisture, and the proper amount of sunlight. Hydrangeas should be placed in larger-sized pots because their roots can be aggressive in filling the soil in small containers and dries out too fast for Hydrangeas. Most of them prefer the morning sun with a little bit of afternoon shade, but some of them also prefer full or part sun, so you have to know which kind of Hydrangea you will cultivate and which one will they prefer.

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  1. Strawberries

            Strawberries are fruits that can thrive in containers. They should bathe under the full sun, preferably six to eight hours per day, so they would bloom with lots of flowers and fruits. During dry weather, make sure to water them twice. They prefer slightly damp soil, not dry or soggy.

  1. Roses

            Roses can do well outside, and it needs full sunlight to bloom beautifully. You have to prepare a potting medium with good drainage so it won’t rot. Roses have to be in moist condition but not too wet. They require a balanced fertilizer designed for roses every week.

  1. Cherry Tomatoes

            Cherry tomatoes are perfect if you want them fresh for you to enjoy. They thrive in full sun and can look pretty in pots.

  1. Varieties of Herbs

            You can cultivate varieties of herbs that you can pick to spice up your meals every time you need them. You can start growing Rosemary and Basil for the ones that require full sun, or Cilantro, Parsley, and Thyme for partly shaded places.

  1. Lavenders

            These purple-blue flowers can cultivate well in pots, but they should start with large pots. They can grow as tall as small shrubs, so they need about 16-inch containers. Put some styrofoam or gravel on the bottom of the container for their drainage system. They need full sunlight and avoid making their soil too wet.

  1. Black-Eyed Susan

            These orange and yellow flowers can grow well in containers outdoor, but they require their pot because it has a fast-growing vine that needs something to climb on. It can be used to create a privacy screen. These flowers should have a part to full light to grow.

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            After reading the whole article, have you decided which ones you will pick for planting at your outdoor? Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to treat them well so they will bloom beautifully!

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