Consider certain things to keep your heat pump work for a longer period

After the installation of heat pumps, you must be sitting back relax, and enjoy the comfort. However, it is essential that you should follow certain tips to maintain efficiency. Keeping a note on the maintenance, the owners have to regularly go for routine checks so that the pumps don’t cause any trouble. If you want your heat pump systems to run for a longer period, there are some straightforward steps that must be considered. 

  • Cleaning of filters

It is easy for the owners to clean the filters and clean out the dust or dirt. So, it’s your duty to call the professionals every three months for the cleaning process. If you want to do it my own, then use warm water to clean them. One more thing, if there is any sticker, do remove it to ensure proper airflow. 

  • Cleanliness

The area around the outdoor unit should always be clean. It should be free of ice, dirt, snow, and other debris that help the heat pumps to operate fully while minimizing the chance of calling professionals. 

  • Free from vegetation

The biggest hindrance in the airflow is the overgrowth vegetation present around the outdoor unit. By clearing the shrubs or trees can help in maintaining the heat pumps. The regular check-ups hence become an integral part of a maintenance schedule. 

  • Cleaning the surface

Always ensure that the outdoor unit is washed properly once every six months. This helps in minimizing the corrosion rate. Though, the washing frequency depends on the location of heat pumps. 

The conclusion

Getting connected with fully qualified professionals once a year is helpful in the maintenance process of heat pumps. Wolfers Heating services are offering such services that can be tailored depending on the customers’ requirements. apart from heat pump maintenance services, if you are in search of a guide to heat pumps and finding the best contractor; we are ready every time to help you out. 

Our team is ever ready to give answers to your queries whenever you find it doubtful about whether to buy heat pumps or not`. Contact us soon!


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