Everything You Need to Know About cPanel Hosting: cPanel Explained

cPanel is a web hosting service developed by the company cPanel, LLC. It is a control panel based software that can be used to manage and host your website. Its main features include an excellent graphical user interface (GUI) and tools that automate the tedious process of website hosting and greatly simplify it in order to make it available to the end-user or the website holder. By automating the task of hosting, the service becomes even more efficient and requires minimal manual effort. It also becomes comparatively cheaper. Hence, any discussion about cheap cPanel hosting becomes possible through automation.

How Does it Work?

cPanel web hosting service allows website administration to occur through a standard web browser by the virtue of a three-part structure. Only cPanel is a restricted service and can only manage a single hosting service or account. cPanel along with WHM however, allows the management and administration of a whole server.

Main Features

Along with the graphical user interface (GUI) and automation, cPanel also offers command-line access as well as an API based access. This feature comes in handy for third party software vendors, hosting services and developers. It allows them to automate the standard procedures of system administration.

Some Facts about cPanel

  • cPanel along with WHM is made to work as a dedicated server or a virtual private server.
  • The latest updated version of cPanel and WHM can be installed on the following operating systems – Cloud Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) and CentOS
  • The 11.30 version of cPanel was the last version to support FreeBSD

A Comparison of Pros and Cons

As a rule, if a particular service or software has more pros than cons then it is good and should definitely be preferred over other similar services. In this section, we will compare the possible pros and cons of cPanel and see whether or not it is worth investing in.


  • It provides a top quality graphical user interface
  • Automates the standard tasks of hosting and make it more efficient
  • Can be used as a virtual private and a dedicated server
  • When combined with WHM, it can support an entire hosting server


One minor con would be that it cannot be uninstalled, to remove it, one needs to format the server.

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