How to Inspire Positivity in Your Team

Being a part of a team is a challenge for some. You know your skills, but you don’t know the complete skill set of everyone else. You are supposed to work well with a group of people towards a common goal, but you find that sometimes, asking for help is more work. When you’re chasing deadlines, you’d rather just do everything yourself to avoid wasting time. Then, at the end of the day, you feel tired.


There are a lot of things you’re doing wrong. The first one? You’re doing everything rather than inspiring everyone to do their share. Here’s how you can change that:

Ask for suggestions

If you’re the leader of the team, your first instinct is to assume that you know everything. This is a good time to remind yourself that you hired the people in your team for their skills, and you should let them use those skills to carry their weight. If you feel like asking for help is beyond you, try a different approach. Ask for suggestions. This way, you won’t feel inadequate and incapable, but you are opening the lines of communication. You are also  encouraging your team to share their ideas, and eventually, you can ask them to take point while you focus on what else needs to be done.

Set clear goals and prioritize

As a leader, it is important that you listen to your team’s voices. This means taking into account their suggestions, and seeing if they can help improve problem areas in the company. However, there is still a priority list that you need to follow, and this should be aligned with the goals of the company and of the team. Everyone’s effort should be focused on achieving clear goals, and if there is any time left, then you can work on a side project aligned with what they want.

Be a good example

If you want your team to manage their time better, show them how you do it. If you want them to look more professional, buy that eyebrow makeup for sale so that you can look professional first. If you want them to talk in a more open way, you should also be talking to them in the same way. Everything you expect them to do should come from you first.


This one is a no-brainer if you want to inspire positivity. Sure, there are times when you might not find it easy to smile, especially if your team is underperforming and you don’t know how to reach your team goals, but when the going gets rough, that’s when your team needs you the most. And they need you to seem motivated so that they will be too. State how far behind you are with project goals, and be the first to say you are putting in extra effort. If you foster a culture of hardworking individuals who are eager to help in times of need, they will volunteer to put in the time as well.

Nurture your team and make sure each of them feels heard. The best way to inspire positivity is by believing in their skills and showing them you value their contributions.

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