Know the Various Types of Sit-Stand Desks

A sit-stand desk is a certain type of desk that has provisions for the users to use while sitting as well as standing. By varying the position of the body, users get a comfortable environment to work, changing the layout of the desk according to their convenience. The various types of sit-stand desks are listed below

Sit-Stand Platforms

These are those which are installed over an already existing or installed workplace computer monitoring software
. A full-sized sit-stand desk may be heavy on your pocket but these are quite cheap since the base is pre-installed with just the top to be adjusted and fitted. They come in two other varieties namely the portable sit-stand platform which has mobility and the cascade sit-stand platform that has drawers allowing you to store stuff.

Manually Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks

These are more of the complete package, starting from the main platform to the adjustor. These are quite useful. These come with a lever that can be operated manually to adjust the height of the desk according to the user’s position. These are handy when there is a constant movement of the user which needs the desk to move along.

Electric Sit-Stand Desks

The electric standing desk or the sit-stand desks are the ones for comfortable usage and require very little manual labor to adjust. They come with a single switch which on pressing adjusts the desk according to the need of the user. A lot of accessories can be added to it like an alarm that reminds the user to stand up and stretch a bit when necessary. 

Corner Cut-Sit-Stand Desks

This is a smartly manufactured sit-stand desk that can slide into any small space, occupying it and preventing the space from getting wasted. These are ergonomically designed to help the ever-moving user change places and positions now and then. They provide a certain angle that helps the user to move quickly and switch positions when necessary.

Benched Sit-Stand Desks

It is useful when a whole office needs to be furnished. These come in handy and allow for multiple users to access it according to their choice. It comes with a single base or frame which is mainly the sitting bench and has different slots for the desk to move up and down for individual users.

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