Nutrition – It’s What’s Eating You That Counts

Sometimes, it isn’t your diet; it is what’s eating you that’s vital. Sometimes, what we eat might not be good for us and instead, tend to cause issues in our bodies. Unlike potato nutrition facts, there are some foods consumed that we’re completely unaware of it contains. Knowing the right food to eat and how it affects you can help you control the effect food have on your body. Below are different nutrients and its effect on your body.


Eating the wrong fat can hurt you in many ways while also increasing your pound. The wrong type of fat can cause heart diseases and several other kinds of diseases. Saturated fat can be found in dairy food, chicken, beef, duck, and many more. To help your body, you need to minimize such high-fat foods and modify recipes. Taking the skin off your chicken and reducing your intake of cheeseburgers is also a great way to cut down on saturated fat.


Many theories are going around about the need to stop carbohydrates so as to be able to lose weight efficiently. Although carbohydrates can make you gain weight, they are still the best food for burning energy in your body. It is a great choice for athletes and those training to build muscle mass. However, carbs are fattening when consuming calories but not also burning them. Athletes who want to load up on carbs should only load up on carbs after a workout or just before a contest. However, potato nutrition facts show that it is a great meal for athletes.


Protein is vital to advance, remodel and maintain body tissues. There are two kinds of persons in this world; those that take lesser protein than needed and those that take too much protein. Most people are focused on using animal products as their protein source. But they are also high in fat and create toxic residue while causing ammonia. Balance is important with protein. While your body requires enough for tissue repair, an excess can overwork the digestive system; this will make your system sluggish and cause you indigestion. The difference between the animal and vegetable source of protein is that it has more fiber and edible starch.


Vitamin is a controversial subject. It is recommended by doctors and is our protection against toxins. While vitamins are good, you can never have too many vitamins. However, you need to confirm enough vitamins for your body. Some meals contain several vitamins good for your skin and overall health. Potato nutrition fact shows that it has high levels of vitamin A, B, and many others. Ensure that every meal contains vitamins for your body.

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