Tips to an Economical Motorcycle Transport and Avoid Any Hidden Costs

Nobody wants to pay hefty charges to ship their motorcycle across nations. If you are in search of the affordable means to ship your valuable two-wheeled cargo, then here are a few tips that could help you. These tips will help you ship your bike without causing any hefty expenditure.

There are several benefits of using a broker when you need to transport a motorcycle. Ship a Car, Inc is a leading auto transport broker that specializes in motorcycle transport services throughout the nation. It works with numerous bike shippers that use varying methods to transport motorcycles.

Modes to Ship a Vehicle

Do It Yourself:

To move a motorcycle on your own can be simple, fast, and affordable when executed properly. It can save a lot of bucks than hiring a transport service provider. However, you would need to incorporate all the safety precautions to ensure safe travel.

To deal with this task on your own, you can hire a pickup truck from your friend or known one and perform the shipping. The “Do It Yourself” mode will be all fun and rewarding.

Hire A Professional Vehicle Shipping Company

In theDo it yourself” approach, safety is always a risk. To ensure safety and the best quality service at a low price, it is always beneficial to hire a professional vehicle shipping firm. These firms use the best protection mechanism and good insurance to ensure smooth shipping of the vehicle to any distance.

People who are interested in crate shopping can look for FedEx to ship their vehicle. The company would help you by providing quotes along with the best advice on shipping.

Proper Time Allocation

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As you are handling it on your own, you should allocate a little more time than the process would generally take. It is important to include the total cost incurred in hotel accommodation in the plan. At the time of looking for affordable motorcycle transport, consider the value incurred in terms of time, vehicle wear and tear, fuel, and a hotel stay.

Licensed and Insured Driver

Another thing that you need to check is whether the driver is insured and licensed. There are Independent Services that provide shipping for cars, motorcycles, general freight, and equipment of any type as needed.

This is a good option as they don’t have the overhead cost associated with a larger company. Ensure that the carrier you choose is licensed and produce documentation that shows that they comply.

Verify the phone number of the shipping provider

Ensure that you have verified the phone number of the company or person that you choose for shipping. You can do it by calling them before they come to pick up the motorcycle. This will enhance the possibilities of safe transportation of your bike.

Take Assistance of the Experts

Accidents can happen when the motorcycle is being transported. Irrespective of whether you select a professional service, or an independent service, it has to be experienced. It will reduce the possibilities associated with the shipping of motorcycles to a significant extent.


If you are assessing the true cost of an affordable motorcycle transport solution, then it is important to review the basic coverage offered by the providers. The right shipping solution should be such that cover everything that you require.

Also, it is better to remain safe than regret if anything happens to your motorcycle. Check with the motorcycle transport provider about the valuation coverage and insurance.

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