Nursing a Baby

Instructions for Nursing Your Baby
July 29, 2023 – 11:06 am

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More and more women are becoming aware of the important advantages of breastfeeding to their babies and to themselves. Breastfeeding develops a special closeness between a mother and her baby that is beneficial to both. Your breast milk is the perfect food for your baby, ideally suited to his nutritional needs and bodily development. Breastfeeding benefits your baby by providing added protection against disease, infection, tooth decay and allergy.

The vast majority of women are physically capable of nursing their babies. Nature has seen to it that the production of mother's milk is closely related to the needs of the newborn infant. For the first few days of life a newborn baby sleeps much of the time and is content with the colostrum present in his mother's breasts. Colostrum is a yellowish fluid which is rich in protein and benefits the baby by giving him immediate protection against disease and infection. Colostrum also has a slight laxative effect and, in general, readies your baby's digestive tract for the milk he will be getting in a few days. During this period, it is normal for babies to lose weight. Usually it takes at least 10 days for a baby to regain his birth weight.

Your milk may come in gradually or suddenly. This may be accompanied by an uncomfortable fullness which will subside by itself. Whenever possible, this fullness can be relieved by letting the baby nurse between feedings for a minute or two or by expressing milk by hand.

Don't be discouraged from nursing your baby. Be patient, people sometimes try to talk you out of doing something they couldn't or wouldn't do. If they did not do well at breastfeeding, they probably did not follow advice.

The practical suggestions on the following pages will help you to succeed in the womanly art of breastfeeding and to make your nursing experience happy and rewarding.


Wash Your Hands Before You Breast-Feed Your Baby. This helps to protect your baby from infection. If your doctor advises, you will be provided with water and sterile cotton with which to rinse off your nipples before nursing.

Make Yourself Comfortable So You Will Be Relaxed. Hold your baby so his head is a little higher than his tummy, whether you nurse lying on your side or sitting up. If you sit up to nurse, it helps to put a pillow on your lap under your baby. If you want privacy, tell the nurse.

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