Travel Nursing Careers

Travel Nursing Job Opportunities for Registered Nurses
January 19, 2023 – 11:02 am

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs: Assignment Duration and Details offers many short and long-term travel nursing assignments. While there is no set standard length for travel nursing assignments, most travel nursing jobs last between 8-26 weeks, with the majority of the positions being offered for 13 week terms. Depending on the location, specialty, and requirements of the position of your choice, you may be asked to spend various amounts of time at a specific job. Some travel nursing jobs may start as a short-term assignment with the option to move to a full-time, permanent position. Many travel nurses prefer the short 8-26 week assignment terms because it gives them the freedom and flexibility to choose a new location if they want a change. This also allows them to visit new cities, explore new cultures, and try new activities. A travel RN has the freedom to select new jobs with better pay, work in different facilities, and with many specialists around the country. Whether you prefer the coast, the desert, mountains or anything else, there is a travel nursing job in a location that suits you. If you are interested in finding a travel nursing jobs, we can help you find the location, specialty, and staff that will work best for you. Our placement partners have thousands of available positions for you to choose from, each one offering a slightly different experience to allow you to find the perfect position. Click here to discover available travel nursing jobs and find an assignment in the area of your choice!

RN Travel Job Locations

Where you work is up to you. Wherever there is a need for nurses in the U.S., you can most likely go there. Travel RN jobs can take you to Hawaii, Florida, New York City, Los Angeles – the possibilities are endless. If you’d like to use your skills as a way to visit all the places you’ve dreamed about, just click “Get Started Today” and you’ll be on your way.

Traveling Nurse Job Specialties

Here are just a few of the units and specialties with open travel nursing jobs Cath Lab | Critical Care | Emergency Dept | ICU | Labor and Delivery | Medical-Surgical Neonatal ICU | Obstetrics | Oncology and BMT | Operating Room | Orthopedics | PACU Whether you are considering a career as a travel nurse or are interested in making a change from your current nursing assignment, finding a position in an exciting new location is a great way to travel, earn a competitive salary, develop new skills, and have new experiences that you won’t get anywhere else. Click here to discover available travel nurse jobs and find an assignment in the area of your choice!

Travel Nursing Jobs FAQ

Traveling nurse jobs provide a great opportunity. Still, if you’ve never done it, you probably have some questions. Here are some of the most common questions we get, and the answers.

Do I need to be licensed in each state I work?

Yes. Each state requires its own licensing. The good news is that most travel nursing agencies help you obtain the required license before your start date. Processing time can take up to 8 weeks so it is important to not wait until the last minute. One more tip: make sure the state license you have now is up to date along with current certifications.


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Popular Q&A
what schools in L.A offer travel nurse career? | Yahoo Answers

You don't go to school to become a "travel nurse". You go to school to become a Registered Nurse. Then once you are licensed and work at a hospital for at least 1 year then you can get hired by a travel nurse agency. But they won't hire new grads, you need experience as a nurse because when you're traveling and changing facilities every couple of weeks / months, they don't have time to be orienting a new grad. You need to be able to jump right in and start working.

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