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Maternity Nursing Pajamas Pregnancy and Matching Baby Romper Set
January 13, 2023 – 07:09 am

If you Hospital Bag Must Haves - Twist Me PrettyTwist Me Pretty

This super comfortable Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set is designed to make you feel gorgeous and comfy whether your are pregnant or breastfeeding. It's made of 100% cotton and beautifully cut to flatter your changing silhouette. The elastic neckline allows easy access for breastfeeding and makes nighttime nursing a snap! This pajama set is great during pregnancy, as a comfy & stylish addition to your hospital bag, and will be handy after baby arrives! Comes in Pink, Green or Blue.

The matching baby romper set looks so cute for first pictures with you as a new mom and makes a great baby going home outfit. This piece comes with the matching newborn hat, is lightweight for comfort and as no scratchy tags. Cuffs fold into mittens to protect your newborns skin. No snaps and with elastic openings this receiving romper allows easy diaper changes - especially appreciated during nighttime!

Pajamas are:

  • 100% soft cotton
  • Machine washable; tumble dry low
  • Elastic neckline allows for easy access for breastfeeding
  • Makes nighttime feedings a snap
  • Great for pregnancy and a great addition to your hospital bag

Newborn Receiving Gowns & Hats are:

  • 100 % soft cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Size newborn 0-3 months
  • Have no scratchy tags
  • Cuffs fold to mittens to prevent baby from scratching his/her face
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