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NCLEX Questions For Maternal And Child Nursing 1(exam Mode
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Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 (50 Items) - Nurseslabs

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1. Normal lochial findings in the first 24 hours post-delivery include:
B. Large clots or tissue fragments
D. The complete absence of lochia
2. While the client is in active labor with twins and the cervix is 5 cm dilates, the nurse observes contractions occurring at a rate of every 7 to 8 minutes in a 30-minute period. Which of the following would be the nurse’s most appropriate action?
A. Note the fetal heart rate patterns
Notify the physician immediately
C. Administer oxygen at 6 liters by mask
Have the client pant-blow during the contractions
3. Which of the following would the nurse Sandra most likely expect to find when assessing a pregnant client with abruption placenta?
Excessive vaginal bleeding
Rigid, boardlike abdomen
Titanic uterine contractions
Premature rupture of membranes
4. Which of the following would the nurse in charge do first after observing a 2-cm circle of bright red bleeding on the diaper of a neonate who just had a circumcision?
Notify the neonate’s pediatrician immediately
Check the diaper and circumcision again in 30 minutes
Secure the diaper tightly to apply pressure on the site
Apply gently pressure to the site with a sterile gauze pad
5. A client tells the nurse, “I think my baby likes to hear me talk to him.” When discussing neonates and stimulation with sound, which of the following would the nurse include as a means to elicit the best response?
High-pitched speech with tonal variations
Low-pitched speech with a sameness of tone
Cooing sounds rather than words
Repeated stimulation with loud sounds
6. For a patient in active labor, the nurse-midwife plans to use an internal electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) device. What must occur before the internal EFM can be applied?
The membranes must rupture
The fetus must be at 0 station
The cervix must be dilated fully
The patient must receive anesthesia
7. The nurse is caring for a primigravida at about 2 months and 1 week gestation. After explaining self-care measures for common discomforts of pregnancy, the nurse determines that the client understands the instructions when she says:
“Nausea and vomiting can be decreased if I eat a few crackers before arising”
“If I start to leak colostrum, I should cleanse my nipples with soap and water”
“If I have a vaginal discharge, I should wear nylon underwear”
“Leg cramps can be alleviated if I put an ice pack on the area”
8. Nurse Julia plans to instruct the postpartum client about methods to prevent breast engorgement. Which of the following measures would the nurse include in the teaching plan?
Feeding the neonate a maximum of 5 minutes per side on the first day
Wearing a supportive brassiere with nipple shields
Breast-feeding the neonate at frequent intervals
Decreasing fluid intake for the first 24 to 48 hours
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What might be Moh Nursing Exam model question?

While each country might ask some questions specific to the laws and culture of the country, the majority of nursing exams are fairly standardized. Usual questions ask to define things like:

  • steps in patient identification
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  • med conversion rates, grams to milligrams or vice versa
  • IV administration calculations
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  • common side effects for primary medications
  • pediatric questions
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  • the unexpected
  • care of a terminally ill person
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What do you mean exam questions?
Do you mean NCLEX to pass your boards? Or do you mean questions in an interview? (the other poster is pretty dead on if you mean in an interview -- I walked into my first interview and walked out wiht a job)
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