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Nursing Professional Practice Model: Pillars
November 5, 2016 – 07:31 am

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Our nurse leaders are highly visible and accessible. They are key to the success of this practice model. Through transformational leadership, staff nurses are empowered to be leaders of patient care at the bedside. The chief nursing officer (CNO) is a member of the Vice President for Medical Affairs Cabinet, the CEO Senior Management Team, and the University Hospital Advisory Committee (executive advisory board). The CNO advocates for nurses throughout the health care system. Leadership is dedicated to succession planning and mentoring to ensure the continuity of nursing administration, goal achievement, and fostering future nursing leaders.

Shared Governance

Our nurses share decision-making responsibilities at the unit, division, department, and organizational levels through a shared governance structure dating back to 1974. All levels of nursing staff participate in councils and committees through this structure. Nurses are members of all University Hospital Advisory committees; they participate in unit-based committees; they help design unit-based care-delivery models; and they participate in unit-based multidisciplinary care councils, sharing decision-making responsibilities.


Research is an integral component of our nursing practice. It drives innovation, clinical decision-making, and advances in health care. Our nurses generate knowledge through the conduct, collaboration, and participation in research practices that improve outcomes for our patients.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

Our nurses improve the quality of care by applying new knowledge and innovations as they provide evidence-based care. We are committed to an environment that fosters scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and innovation. We support policies, procedures, and standards of care that are evidence-based. As internationally recognized leaders in EBP, we continue to be on the leading edge of innovation. We support a staff nurse internship to expand EBP across the organization and provide ongoing training opportunities for nurses throughout the state, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Our nurses work in an environment of continual learning. We educate and empower patients and families to understand illness and treatment to support them as they make health care decisions. Patient education is provided using health literacy and plain language principles.

Interesting facts

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