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Nursing Care Plan for Cesarean Section (C-section)
July 27, 2020 – 06:36 pm

A Cesarean section (C-section) is surgery to deliver a baby. The baby is taken out through the mother's abdomen. In the United States, about one in four women have their babies this way. Most C-sections are done when unexpected problems happen during delivery. These include

  • Health problems in the mother
  • The position of the baby
  • Not enough room for the baby to go through the vagina
  • Signs of distress in the baby
C-sections are also more common among women carrying more than one baby.

The surgery is relatively safe for mother and baby. Still, it is major surgery and carries risks. It also takes longer to recover from a C-section than from vaginal birth. After healing, the incision may leave a weak spot in the wall of the uterus. This could cause problems with an attempted vaginal birth later. However, more than half of women who have a C-section can give vaginal birth later.

Nursing Diagnosis for Cesarean section (C-section)

Nursing Assessment for Cesarean Section

Assessment is the systematic process of gathering, verification, and communication of client data (Potter & Perry, 2005).

The assessment results are found on the client by cesarean section on nursing care plan maternal / infant (Doenges & Moorhouse, 2001) namely:

  1. Assessment of client data base
    Review the record of prenatal and intraoperative and indications for cesarean birth.

  2. Circulation
    Blood loss during surgical procedures of approximately 600-800 ml.
  3. Ego integrity
    Can show emotional labilitas of excitement to fear, anger or withdrawn. Client / partner may have questions or wrongly accept a role in the birth experience. Perhaps expressing inability to deal with new situations.
  4. Elimination
    Urinary catheter may be inserted, clear urine and pale bowel sounds absent, vague or unclear.
  5. Food / fluid
    Abdomen soft with no distension at baseline.
  6. Neoro sensory
    Damage to the movement and sensation below the level of spinal epidural anesthesia.
  7. Pain
    Discomfort may complain of a variety of sources such as surgical trauma, incision and accompanying pain, distended bladder-abdominal, the effects of anesthesia. The mouth may be dry.
  8. Respiratory
    The sound is clear and vesicular lung.
  9. Security
    Abdominal bandage may seem a little stain or dry and intact. Line parenteral, when used patent-free and hand erythema, swelling and tenderness.
  10. Sexuality
    Fundus contractions stronger and located at the umbilicus. Lochea is free flow and excessive clot / lot.
  11. Diagnostic tests
    Complete blood count, hemoglobin / hematocrit (Hb / Ht): assessing the change from preoperative levels and evaluate the effects of blood loss in surgery. Urinalysis: urine culture, blood, vaginal, and lochea.

Nursing Diagnosis for Cesarean section (C-section)
Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention for Cesarean Section Postoperative

Nursing Diagnosis

Risk for infection

Related to :

  • bleeding,
  • postoperative wound

Goal :
There were no infections, bleeding and wounds, after surgery.
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AWHONN was created in 1969 . At that time, it was called the Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists...
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How difficult was it to care for your older children after a c-section? | Yahoo Answers

I have a 2yr old and just had a baby 3wks ago, i had a c-section and it was a lil hard, not as hard as i expected it to be. yeh it took a lil longer for me to recover(cause i was taking care of both children) I had my boyfriend help, but i was up cleaning when my baby was 4 days old. Maybe cause i was taking two percocets for pain every 4-6 hours. Try to get your older one to help, my two year old helps out when she can, but sometimes she wants to be the baby and put the baby's tiny diapers herself. Try to make sure you have your laundry caught up and everything as spotless as you can, …

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